Hello! I'm Marisabel, a Puerto Rican living in The Netherlands. I draw since I can remember. But I have been drawing with color pencils since 2019. I began with a small set of carefully selected Faber Castells, and slowly expanded my collection trying to find my own style and own color palette. The main reason I fell in love with color pencils is that they are very portable and fast to clean up when a certain toddler wakes up. 😅

I mainly work with Faber Castell Polychromos and Caran d'ache Luminance. Still trying to find my way and release my inner dreamer. I have always dreamt of making surreal art but at the moment am still exploring the light, color, and magic hidden in reality. For paper, I am still enjoying semi-smooth surfaces (mixed media papers) and though I am intrigued by sanded paper, I am still hesitant to try it. I love creating layers to bring out color to life, to bring color where there seems to be none. Creating my own dream landscape of life.

My intention is to spread the joy of light and color. So when people look at my art, something inside them lights up and makes them happy for a little while. This blog is a log of my journey through each piece. Images here are mostly based on my own references (except 2 of the very first ones). Anything else, I do post on Instagram as practice.

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