The Fairy of Blaak Station

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Fairy of Blaak Station

GERSTAECKER | N° 5 multiblok A2, 42 cm x 59,4 cm 160 g/m² 
Faber Castell Polychromos & Caran d'ache Luminance
6 days - my own references and imagination

 It was a rainy day. 

Everyone hurried on their way home. The crowd left the train. As I stood there trying to adjust my sense of orientation and find the daily exit, my eyes were taken by a beautiful figure of an Asian girl with long black hair, fully dressed in lilac. Her cap was lilac, her long raincoat too, her backpack and sneakers were also lilacs. But what I might have thought it crazy a while ago, that day, as my eyes recorded her against the dark wet background of umbrellas and black coats and thought, "she looks like a fairy"

It brought me back to those days, where there was magic in every corner. When everyone could be a fairy or a unicorn in disguise. Where if you looked at the right time in the right corner, just before you blinked, your eyes could catch a glimpse of half a second of magic worth a lifetime. That is what this stranger was to me that day. A lifetime of a memory where magic existed for just that second before she disappeared in the crowd up the stairs.

Ever since then, I am looking for this glimpse of magic in color and light everywhere I go. Making sure I always have my iPhone or camera with me in case, just in case this time, perhaps, I can capture it at the moment. Though I know realistic speaking it is hard to do so. It does help me stay alert and present and savor each magical moment as it happens. Making sure I record it in my mind with the same intensity I experienced it.

I dwelled on this piece for 2 years. I took many pictures at different times in order to find the best lighting, train position, and subjects. Even when I got the right composition a year later, I never felt good enough for it. Until last week. Though I do not think I will ever be able to paint the exact color as I remember it, I hope I did it justice, and whoever sees this is able to see the bit of magic in daily life.

I also want to share some beautiful things I listened to while I worked on it:

1. The Sharpened Artist interview with Bernard Poulin

2. The Unreasonable Ones by Your World Within

PS: Again, my son wanted to be in the painting. He said he wanted to be inside the train. Can you spot him? 😜

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