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Tuesday, March 16, 2021


About this Drawing

Every time we look at this view from our home, we are still amazed we are able to live here for a while and enjoy all the perks and good things of the city. We are blessed to be able to rent this place since day one and love it every moment. It was a lucky find, we even thought we would not be able to afford it, and it was the last one with the 2 big bedrooms. We said yes in a heartbeat. The housing agent was surprised we did not even want a second look. It felt right the moment we stepped inside. So much that my boyfriend began picturing where we would put what. I knew he loved it as much as I did.

I hope the love we feel for it will bring us also a new home we will love just as much.

This view will be gone soon when the new building is done in the middle of the field. So for now, we will enjoy it.

About the Process

This is my first attempt at something so big and complex, though on a sketchbook spread of A4 x 2. All the details actually hurt my eyes. I had to improvise and used my son's magnifying glass. I loved how all the details were coming together. It took me about 2 weeks, mainly because the more I did the more I wanted to see the final piece. 

My son is even hanging on the blue structure as he requested even though he never got to play properly there (it is not allowed anymore). I love how it looks like I wanted. With the layers of color showing through it all. More colorful and alive than the actual picture will ever be.  I think this is why I will not really try to do hyper-realism. There is something magical about using the colors as you see them instead of as they seem to the world.

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