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Friday, December 25, 2020

 I haven't posted this since I finished it. :) So I will make a collection of Instagram notes and an overview. Just for my own keepsake.

Date started: SEPTEMBER 27
Date finished: NOVEMBER 14

SEPTEMBER 29: Selecting colors might take as long as the sketch 🤔👌

It does! In the end, I ended up using way more than I showed. But that was the challenge with this drawing. There were so many colors involved I had to tackle them one by one.

OCTOBER 2: First layer

This is one of my rule of thumb for working with the color of any source. ALWAYS work with an underpainting. It does not matter if it is color pencils, acrylics, oil, watercolor,  etc. You need a base to hold the color in a more realistic light than white. My favorite undertone is blue. I do not know why. It started with a blue mechanical pencil. I also use pink sometimes. But since my goal is to never use black, blue helps me get the shades right.

OCTOBER 4: Enjoy the process

When I began using color pencils I started searching for pencils I could replace individually. The main reason I never dare to use them was that I was always afraid I would run out of one like this and could never find a replacement without buying a full box. After investing in a set of 6, I kept adding shades. Never buying black or grey. And now, after two years, I have over 40, some repeated, as I do use them a lot. Such as the dark blue, or this yellow. Now that I can afford my own supplies and broke out of that "always acting poorly" cycle, I am able to draw and draw and not care if I run out of a pencil. Quite the contrary, I can afford it and I'm excited and happy when I finish one and plan my next trip to the art store JUST for that one pencil.

It has been a long journey but I'm getting where I wanted to be as an artist. And I know there is still a long way to go, but this is so fun I don't care about how long it takes. Enjoying each stroke and building excitement for the next hour I have free to dedicate to drawing. Is like flirting with art and then making love when the time is right, creating something out of love. 💕

I just want to make people smile with my art.

OCTOBER 25: Black vs White

A proud moment was when I did the black block entirely with color layers.
A not so proud moment is how messed up the white one looked.

Truth is when it comes to color pencils, the fewer layers you do, the more difficult it is. The more you use, the easier it is to hide mistakes. I guess this is why watercolor feels challenging to me.

OCTOBER 27: It's hard to draw these days as I rarely have good daylight. The bit I have actually still required a lot of eye focus and I end up hurting them. So I'm taking it one block at a time when there's enough light. I need to figure out what kind of lamp to buy for winter... And now I understand why I take so many art hiatus during winter 😩

This is always a struggle for me... it still is. It is why you see me more active during summer days than winter. The time I have to draw is early mornings or evenings, but the light is hard to fix. And laps don't really help as they are often too bright and cast shadows which make it more difficult... I will eventually figure it out.

NOVEMBER 14: I finally finished!

  1. In still need to practice perspective 🤣 started good, gets worse going down lol
  2. I’m proud of the patience this required. I didn’t notice I had two blocks left until now and hence I finished 🎉
  3. I’m more in love with the colors 🎈

That is the recap with commentaries 😀! See you next time!

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