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Sunday, September 20, 2020

This time I wanted to make something of my own. Back in February, I was coming back home from a walk. I already saw some guys playing around with lights. I wondered what they were doing. When I came back I encountered the floor full of color. I waited for the pink to come up. I loved how it looked. This was one lucky shot. One of my favorite ones from our home. 

This is the Markthal in Rotterdam. It is a sort of foot hall. And I say sort of because no one really knows what exactly it is, but you can eat and buy some things. We always get our cheese and treats there. There is an Asian store I go to a lot as well for basic ingredients, including Latin ones like Adobo brands and pigeon peas (gandules). On Tuesday and saturdays, we have the market outside, so there is where I buy most of the fresh produce which is usually expensive in the supermarket downstairs.

This was a cold day at the end of winter. This was a time where people gathered in crowds. This was a time when we could still hug.

About the art

There is not much to say about the progress. I tried to take the approach I usually see other artists do. Work first on the background, get it out of the way, and then go on to the main subject. It actually worked for me as I usually get tired of the background. But there I do it the more I am starting to love it over blank empty white space. It looks so much alive. I also did not want to reveal my main subject too fast. 

It was hard to get the light correct. Initially harder than later as I began understanding the technique I needed to use. It can be better, but I am happy with the result for this being my first time at such a piece. (Dark, light, urban). I am looking forward to doing more pieces of my own instead of using stock online. 

If you have not noticed by now, I am against using black in my art. A long time ago, my high school art teacher once told me, good art does not need black. If you look carefully, there is no black in nature. Just darker tones of purples and blues and red and so on. Ever since then, I feel like I am cheating if I use black. So I do not even own a black pencil. The closest to it is the dark indigo blue. Which is kind of blackish, but a deep dark blue?

The border got ruined with the washi tape, it seems it was a too strong type... lesson learned. The cheaper the safe.

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