Happy Apples

Thursday, February 6, 2020

I did it. I worked on a single piece for a month and I loved every second of it! I am the type of person that wants to do something, now, fast and now. So this year I challenged myself to finish 5 full pieces which requires dedication and patience. I've been sketching nonstop almost for 2 years, except the few complete drawings in my sketchbook. I think I have like 3 or so and even those only took me a max of 4 hours. These little happy apples, as I like to call them, took me a total of around 22 hours give and take in a month. Given my almost full time job and a toddler, this is a great accomplishment. I was expecting to take 2 months, but the more I worked on it, the more excited I got to make time to work on it here and there where time allowed.

I am sketching out some ideas for the next few pieces but I am still in doubt on which one to do first as both are completely new to me. One involves pure nature and background and the other one is more urban still with a background but a bit more simple. Yet, one is darker and one is lighter... so after making this colorful piece I am torn on which direction to go!

So, about this piece.

I wanted to start the year with something simple yet challenging. A year ago, I finally got into colored pencils after successfully drawing some neat fruits.

These gave me the inspiration of, "yes! I can do this!" And I adopted an almost daily habit of using colored pencils until I can master the techniques I liked. Note that on those I did not use any technique, I just drew. Learning about layering properly came later.

So I figured I would take the same approach this year with the big pieces. I will start simple, colorful fruits, changing the tones, experimenting. I found the apples in a website I love so much for free stock pictures (https://www.pexels.com/). So I started figuring out the colors I wanted and how they reacted to each other. The test sheet sadly got confiscated by my toddler and I cannot show you :(

After I chose my colors I began with perfecting the outline. This is the most frustrating longest part I usually skip... bad idea. So I focused on getting the perfect outline of each apple. Even then it was not perfect but I still love it. I was not aiming at hyper-realism anyways. My goal was to create something which brings me joy to look at. Hence the title, Happy Apples.

I documented the progress on Instagram, but I will put it here :)

I am very happy with the final result, specially how all the colors came to life after I added baby oil. I wonder if it will last. But this is my first official piece of the year! Now I will go sketch what I want on the next!

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